Meal planner and recipes

You’ve made an important decision to lose weight. And this time, you have BELVIQ®/BELVIQ XR® and the BELIEVE EVERYDAY SUPPORT® program.

Congratulate yourself on making the decision to take control of your weight-loss journey. Now allow us to help you every step of the way. It’s okay to enjoy eating, but the key to weight loss is to eat the right foods and to exercise. Here you’ll be able to find healthy recipes to match any lifestyle. From vegetarian to gluten-free, you can search recipes by your dietary needs, meal type, dish type, or by key ingredients.

We’ve also provided a 28-day meal planner that you can personalize to fit your desired calorie goal. With the help of menu plans and a database of hundreds of healthy recipes, you can plan the meal to match your healthy lifestyle!

Meal Planner

Let us help you create 28-day meal plans.

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Recipe Planner

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Track Your Progress

Stay motivated to achieve your weight-loss goals with a free downloadable activity tracker app that tracks your activity, meals, calories burned (even sets a daily calorie budget), body measurements, and other important health information. Then share it with your doctor.

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