These stories are of actual patients and are presented for illustrative purposes only. Individual results will vary.


The most difficult part about being overweight is thinking about everything that I used to be able to do that my weight now prevents me from doing. Now that I’m a retired firefighter, I have time to think about all the things I’ve accomplished over the years and how active I used to be.

"As a firefighter, there were physical demands to meet that helped keep me fit. Outside of my job, I was always involved with sports like playing football or running. I never thought my size would get in the way of doing the things I enjoyed most."

It was about a decade ago when I began gaining weight. At the time, I was still firefighting, and knew I wanted to lose the weight fast so I could continue doing my job well. I remember trying a liquid fasting diet that required me to drink four “meals” each day. I lost a lot of weight in only a few months, but I was constantly hungry. The moment I stopped the liquid fast, I gained the weight back. After 6 months, I was heavier than when I started the diet.

A few years later, I suffered a stroke which changed my life forever. I had to retire from firefighting and soon traded my uniform for the television. With strict doctor’s orders and the physical repercussions of my injury, my weight went up again, and with it came several other health issues. The injuries I had sustained in the line of duty to my joints, back and ankles were further aggravated by the extra weight. I was suffering from sleep apnea, which caused me to wake up throughout the night. Even walking was a challenge. I would have to stop and sit after 20 minutes of just wandering around the store because I was so drained of energy. I didn’t know how to deal with my weight gain and my new reality and I just kept eating.

I was prescribed several medications in an attempt to manage my cholesterol, and was eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After countless attempts, my family doctor wasn’t able to get my numbers under control, so he sent me to a weight loss specialist for help. After seeing the specialist, I knew that I needed to lose weight as part of my overall health. As a person living with type 2 diabetes, weight loss and certain medications can impact my blood sugar. I have to make sure that I get my blood sugar checked both before and while taking BELVIQ.

My weight loss physician thought I was a good candidate for BELVIQ®. He reviewed the benefits and risks of taking the medication, and we determined that BELVIQ along with diet and exercise was an appropriate treatment option for me. After starting the medication, I began to notice subtle changes in my appetite. Prior to BELVIQ I would wake up ravenous. I would snack all day and eat big meals. But since starting BELVIQ, I feel full for longer periods of time and my mind isn't so focused on the food in my refrigerator. I've been able to refocus my thoughts. Instead of thinking about food I now think about the activities I enjoy. BELVIQ is helping me in my weight loss efforts.

With BELVIQ®, I've lost almost 10 percent of my weight, and now I feel good about my progress. I try to get out of the house and walk around at the local store. I can't stress enough the role my doctor has played. He provides me the support I need during my visits and I hold myself accountable to him to continue on my journey.